Hi Schatz!

1997 – 2009

As a cityscape, as a mirror to it‘s change, one seems to know the everyday urban surrounding. Yet it leaves one wondering at times. Everywhere it can be examined how empty or abandoned lots are utilized to create personal expression, to attempt communiction not only through the most personal and often cryptic inscription, but also through willful „design solutions“, which display untamed power and often „crazy“ will to create expression. Handmade „commercials“, makeshift houses, rooms, corners are witness to a steady and creative process of appropriation. Martin Eberle examines metropolis‘ public and semi-public spaces as an informal terrain of communication and mediating stage between the most diverse segments of society. »Hi Schatz!« offers a crystal-faceted, emotional and ultra-personal insight into today‘s metropolitan expirience.

Published 2019 by Fantome-Verlag