Temporary Spaces

1994 – 2001

»Berlin’s club scene, an international benchmark for improvised coolness, is defined by its software: people, fashion, music, performance, drama.
Spanning a period of ten years, Martin Eberle’s stunning photographs are the first to document these locations as they really are. By radically reducing them to their hardware, the empty space, as well as an almost brutal juxtaposition of run-down facades and lovingly crafted interiors he captures their legendary, ramshackle hipness perfectly.
Filling this vaguely unreal, static void are personal anecdotes by well-known promoters and club patrons who have ›already collapsed in pretty much every corner‹, delivering an uneasy declaration of love for the transience and enthusiasm reverberating in the clean, architectonic accuracy of the pictures.«
Press release Gestalten Verlag